Below are some testimonials and recommendations from our clients...

I urgently needed to kennel my two elderly, and one not very well, Westies as my father had been taken seriously I'll in Yorkshire. Although my vet would not recommend one, having seen the sign for Shelak when travelling to and fro Canterbury, I asked him about it, and he said it was one of the best ones about!
When I telephoned the kennels, they would not agree to boarding " my babies" until I had looked around: who's vetting who I thought? Yet an excellent idea. If you can't be bothered to check where your dogs are going do you really care? When I first had them, I used one particular kennel, once!!! They came back very miserable, smelt to high heaven and looked like Scotties!!
We've used other kennels and they've been ok but it's always taken 3-4 days for them to settle back in at home.
At Shelak, they were very keen to know everything about both dogs, particularly Monty who is nearly blind, deaf, not so steady on his feet and has trouble eating. Toby's just........Toby: daft.
When we picked them up we couldn't believe it. They were so happy and clean, and when we got home it was as if they'd never been away. they settled back down straight away. They ate well. No upsets or accidents at nights. The staff were eager to tell us about our dogs stay, how they'd exercised and in particular that Monty had had to be fed by hand!!! He may have problems and be bordering geriatric but he's not daft- he still tries it on, crafty little so n so!!!!
I have had to use Shelak, for family reasons, a number of times now and I'm so pleased to have found such a high quality, clean, caring establishment in which to leave "my best friends" Their every need is catered for and yes, I still worry, they're nearly 14 yrs old, but I know that they are receiving the very best care & attention possible while I'm away.


In 2002 I needed a dogs kennel for my shepherd puppy, and was recommended by a friend to Shelak. I'd never used kennels before and was naturally apprehensive - well I shouldn`t have been! I was invited to visit facilities beforehand and saw first hand the quality and size of the kennels, and the space my dog Foster had to run around in. I was reassured by staff on exercise times, keeping dogs separate, and types of food available etc. I always jokingly refer to it as "Foster's holiday" when I drop him off. From the moment Foster is greeted at the gate, I leave safe in the knowledge that he is being well cared for and enjoying himself. And when I finally pick him up, he's so tired from all the playing that he snores his head off for the rest of the day. Whenever someone needs a kennel, I always recomend Shelak. In fact I wouldn`t use anyone else!

Suzy from Ramsgate

Around twenty years ago we took our nine year old dog Mingle for her first stay in a kennel while we took a two week holiday. We were so impressed with the care that John, Gwen and their staff gave to her that we happily left Mingle and our two subsequent dogs, Lucky and Batti (pictured) with them whenever we have had to have holidays without our pets. Both Lucky and Batti have been 'rescue' dogs from Shelak kennels and Batti now being 13yrs of age, regards the kennel as her second home. John, Gwen and their staff have a magic way with the dogs in their care, and we are glad to consider them as friends to both Batti and us.

Gerry and Gloria Smith

We feel we must write to thank you and your staff, for looking after our American Bulldog Shanti, when we had our holiday recently, and weekend break earlier. Shanti is always happy and comfortable to be left at your kennels and knowing this helps us to enjoy our holidays even more. Looking forward to bringing her again this summer for our annual getaway and hers!

Sandra and Mick

Hello, I'm Ben. I think I'm 12 years old and a bit but my Missus sadopted me 7 years ago from a rescue centre. I have been having my holidays at Shelak Kennels for 7 years plus some extra days and weekends. I'm very happy when I stay there and I`ve really got the staff licked into shape. I think my Missus gets a bit miffed when she leaves me because I run straight in to see the staff and don't look back at her. I expect she soon gets over it."

M. Relph

I have been taking my dogs to Shelak for eight years. They are very happy there, and are almost disappointed when I pick them up. The staff are very friendly and the welfare and happiness of the dogs is always paramount. I like the fact they are exercised three times daily and the kennels are air-conditioned.

Sandra Long

It was over 25 years ago that we first started using Shelak. There is absolutely no where else I would take my girls! I know they are safe and well cared for by the kind and knowledgeable staff, not to mention the 3 runs a day which they always get! I don't know how many times I've recommended Shelak and everybody who have kenneled their dogs there have only good things to say. Really dogs that are happy to go there is recommendation enough.

Karen Tuckwood

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